Our facilities enable on site macerations of 800 liters per batch. Our in-house maceration service significantly reduces the processing time of an order while improving the traceability and quality of the finished product.

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The mixing operations are carried out according to a protocol specific to each product in a dedicated area.

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SFAN operates 2 filling machines for vials / unicadoses and 4 filling machines for bottles. This equipment caters for very diversified demands and is adapted to multiple formats of containers made of glass, plastic or other composites. Our organization allows us to double our production capacity during the summer (slimming products) and winter (hive products) product campaigns..

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Heat treatment

The SFAN equipment makes it possible to implement all the types of heat treatments required by the activity of dietaries supplements manufacturing. 1 autoclave, a flash-pasteurisation installation and 2 tyndallisers ensure an optimal conservation of the products, adapted to the varied specifications of plants and extracts.
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2 lines for the packaging of glass vials and an automated packaging line for unicadoses guarantee our customers fast processing of orders. SFAN is capable of processing orders within 4 weeks under optimized conditions.

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Custom Labeling

SFAN has two automatic labeling units for containers ranging, from 10ml to 1L. Our fleet of 7 laser printers ensures the traceability of the product on multiple supports. We also develop our equipment according to the strategic needs of our customers.

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