The manufacture of our products complies with the regulations in force and is verified according to the standards of the pharmacopoeia.

Raw material batch information, each article and lot number, each production phase and a sample of every end product are recorded and stored throughout the lifetime of the product. A lot conservation room is dedicated to the physical traceability of our production.

Our quality system meets the requirements of the GMP and HACCP. SFAN Laboratoire is also working towards on the ISO 22000 certification, expected by the end of 2017.

Each batch is checked for microbiological and physico-chemical compliance to ensure that the product satisfies the specifications and presents the qualities expected by our customers. The raw materials are selected with rigor and accompanied by their analysis report. A batch file is made available to our customers on request. This file includes the specifications of the raw materials used in the composition of the product, the manufacturing formula, the details of the production steps with validation of each operator, the results of the various post-production analyses and the certificate of conformity. Specific analyses (vitamins, minerals …) are also possible on request.

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