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Research and development

We put our expertise in phytotherapy at the disposal of our customers. A development team, a testing laboratory – a true miniature replica of the production line and our comprehensive sample range of about 400 plants and other ingredients ensures a fast and safe design of new products.
Active in a dozen countries in Europe and Asia, we monitor the different food supplement markets and offer solutions to our customers on the most complex formulations.

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Regulatory Council

Thanks to our regulatory support service, we assist our customers in the conformity of their products, from the choice of the raw materials to the editing of the text appearing on the packaging articles. This regulatory assistance is tailored to the countries in which our customers wish to market their products.


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Organic certification

We certify the organic products of our customers through Ecocert. More than 200 organic products have been certified to date, the share of our production in organic food supplements reaching 65% by 2016. Experts in the sourcing of organic raw materials, we find the ingredients that differentiate the products of our customers. Our tyndallisation lines make it possible to ensure a moderate heat treatment and to control the organoleptic properties of sensitive food supplements, according to the demands of our customers.

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Flexibility and service à la carte

SFAN can take a project in charge at each stage of manufacture. We can provide a complete service from the formulation of the food supplement to its final packaging or simply a contrat manufacturer service limited to filling and packing. Our customers can also choose to deliver their ingredients to us; then ensure the phases of maceration / mixing, primary conditioning (filling) and secondary (packaging).

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