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Laboratory Sfan - Rânes

The LABANO laboratory was founded in 1958 by a pharmacist from Rânes. The company focused its business on the manufacture of high quality veterinary medicines.  


The company was bought in 1981 by Doctor Lefevre, a veterinarian based in Argentan, and renamed "SFAN" (Société de Façonnage de Normandie).  At that time, SFAN developed its industrial business through export markets and enjoyed some commercial success in South East Asia by developing a wide range of medicines and nutritional supplements. The laboratory is thus recognised for its adaptability and flexibility of formulation. 


At the end of the 1980s, the expertise acquired in the manufacture and marketing of medicines was used to develop nutritional supplements. This activity gradually developed to become the main activity of SFAN Laboratoire at the end of the 2000s. Today, it makes the company one of the major players in the liquid food supplement market in France. 


The takeover of the company in 2015 by Michel Bremont, a Doctor of chemistry with a keen interest in herbal medicine, stepped up the professionalisation of formulation know-how. The R&D teams then focused mainly on designing formulas that combined naturalness and effectiveness. A new "gentle pasteurisation" process was developed to ensure the preservation of organic formulas. The range of packaging formats was expanded to reach several hundred product references by the end of 2021.


SFAN has recorded an average annual growth rate of over 10% since 2015 and launches exciting innovation projects every year in order to better meet the demands of its customers and anticipate market trends. 



Laboratory Sfan - Rânes

Your expert partner in liquid food supplements

A company with an international outlook,
in the heart of Normandy

Laboratory Sfan - Rânes

Our company is located in Rânes (northwest France) and has 5000m2 of space dedicated to product manufacturing, packaging and storage. 


The implementation of a service that meets the most demanding quality standards ensures that all our food supplements are competitively positioned regardless of the geographical area.

Thanks to this strong capacity to adapt and personalise its products, SFAN continues to develop its export positioning and now works with around ten countries.

Laboratory Sfan - Rânes
Laboratory Sfan - Rânes

A shared passion

At SFAN, we are convinced that herbal medicine is an excellent approach to improving our daily health. Many aspects of our lives are concerned: vitality, stress, stress, detox, weight loss, digestion, immunity, beauty, muscular comfort, joint comfort, blood circulation, memory and more.


We have always shared our passion for plants with our employees and partners.

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