SFAN Laboratoire

Are you interested in developing a liquid food supplement?

SFAN Laboratoire provides a service suited to your needs, whether it is full service or tailor-made service, so that your ideas can be brought to life! 

Starting with your project, we support you at every stage of the development process, from designing your formulas, whether they are organic or conventional, to manufacturing and final packaging of your products.

Over 900 raw material product references 

Over 800 product references of packaging items 

91 new products launched in 2021 thanks to your ideas!

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SFAN Laboratoire

Our teams work closely with you to help you develop and produce liquid food supplements.  

Producing innovative food supplements in an environmentally friendly manner, 

Achieving your objectives in terms of cost, quality and delivery time,

Fulfilling our corporate social responsibility role towards our employees and partners, 


All of these approaches drive our efforts on a daily basis, 


Your satisfaction is our primary objective..


Michel Brémont


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Spotlight on royal jelly

Spotlight on royal jelly

Also known as bee milk, royal jelly is a treasure trove of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. As a dietary supplement, it is particularly well known for boosting immunity but also for regulating hormonal activity during the menopause when consumed with pollen.
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SFAN Laboratoire

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